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Getting Around

Our extensive network of buses and streetcars winds throughout every neighborhood of the Crescent City. From Uptown to Downtown, from Lakeview to the Lower Ninth, from Mid-City across the Mississippi River and to the parish lines, the RTA goes there. All you need is a buck and a quarter. Take a seat, and we’ll take you where you want to go.

Modes of Transit

With almost 40 routes, RTA buses serve many neighborhoods all throughout New Orleans. Nearly 36,000 riders on average daily use our buses to get around town.

Four streetcar lines run through some of the most iconic areas of New Orleans—the historic St. Charles Avenue line, the Canal Street line to Cemeteries and City Park, the Riverfront line, and our newest line, the Rampart-St. Claude Avenue line. Streetcar ridership averages approximately 19,000 daily – which largely reflects local commuter trips.

Our Paratransit services is a shared ride service designed to help customers,who are unable to use regular transit services due to a disability or disabling health condition. The average ridership is about 1,200 passengers daily.

The Algiers Point/Canal Street and Lower Algiers/Chalmette ferries connect prominent destinations on both banks of the river. Transdev has operated both ferries since 2014 in partnership with the New Orleans RTA. View more ferry information here.

Neighboring Transit

Jefferson Express Transit, JeT and St. Bernard Parish Rapid Urban Transit, SBURT are public transit systems that operate independently of the RTA.  However, the RTA works in conjunction with both JeT and SBURT to transport ridership to Jefferson Parish as well as St. Bernard Parish in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan Area.

You can view our System Map to see connections to JeT and SBURT as well as view information about our transit partners below.

Jefferson Transit

Jefferson Transit

(504) 818-1077
Click Here to View Jefferson Transit System Map

St Bernard Parish

St. Bernard Urban Rapid Transit

(504) 277-1907
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