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New Orleans RTA Participates in Hurricane Evacuation Exercise

The New Orleans RTA participated in the City Assisted Evacuation Full-Scale Exercise on Wednesday, helping prepare citizens for a city-wide hurricane evacuation. The Exercise Plan, or ExPlan, presented an in-depth hurricane impact scenario to actors, volunteers, and first responders. From there, an evacuation drill began, utilizing RTA fixed route and Paratransit vehicles.

“It was a great, practical exercise to get everyone prepared for hurricane season,” Oscar Figueroa, Director of Safety at the RTA, stated. “Paratransit and fixed route operators met all of the city’s needs, and we got a lot of great feedback about the exercise.”

Figueroa mentioned after experiencing the tornados in February, community members offered valuable input on how severe weather threatens their neighborhoods, information that the city staff will use to plan further evacuation measures.

Paratransit services factored prominently into the exercise as four of the 17 evacuation spots were equipped to serve the elderly or riders with mobility limitations.

“It went extremely well for both fixed route and Paratransit,” Steven Neal, Director of Paratransit said. “The Paratransit operators were phenomenal, making sure the plan was carried out with quickness and professionalism.”

Fox 8 (WVUE) covered the exercise on Wednesday evening:

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